Tunes List

Here is a list of tunes learned and/or played by the Irish tunes class. Clicking on some tune titles will enable you to download an ABC cheat sheet or music notation for the tune (I am working to add all of these – please come back later if the one you want isn’t there!).

Where proper musical notation isn’t available, I advise you to look up the tune title on The Session website and download it from there. Please be aware that versions/settings on The Session may differ from the notes taught in class, as our emphasis is on learning tunes by ear. 


Kilmovee / The Morning Lark / Bohola

Out on the Ocean / The Cliffs of Moher

The Coming of Spring / Fly in the Porter (both composed by Paddy O’Brien)

Humours of Glendart / Donnybrook Fair

Tell Her I Am / The Battering Ram

Whelans Jig / Whelans Old Sow / Price of My Pig

Fairhaired Boy / Scatter the Mud

The Knights of St Patrick

Strings Attached

Sport / Winnie Hayes

The Strayaway Child

Wallop the Spot / Spot the Wallop

Scotsman Over the Border / Tom Billy’s

Paddy Fahy’s Jig / Pipe on the Hob

Geese in the Bog / The Holly Bush

The Kesh Jig


Trip to Kinvara / Devanny’s Goat

Christmas Eve / Kitty Gone a Milking

Jackie Coleman’s / Cooleys / Come West Along the Road 

Skylark / Star of Munster

Tarbolton / Longford Collector /Sailor’s Bonnet

Down the Broom / Gatehouse Maid

Bucks of Oranmore


Eamon Coyne’s / Swinging on a Gate

Old Copperplate / New Copperplate

Kitty the Hare / The Old Torn Petticoat

For the Sake of Old Decency / Travers No. 2

Limestone Rock / Wind that Shakes the Barley / Miss MacLeod’s

Humours of Tulla


Egan’s / Johnny O’Leary’s / Jessicas Polka

Nell Fee / The Race Classic (AKA ‘Ray’s Classic’)

Up and Away / The Merry Girl


Club Ceili / Hare in the Corn

O’Keefe’s / The Brosna / Knocknagree (AKA Teehan’s Favourite)

Slip Jigs

Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight / A Fig for a Kiss

The Butterfly


The Low Level / Floods

The Stack of Barley / Bantry Bay

Annie’s Favourite / Rights of Man

Boys of Bluehill / Dunphy’s

Pretty Maggie Morrissey


Lucy Farr’s (AKA ‘The Seven Step’)

The Return of Spring / The Mountain Pathway

Michael Gaffney’s / The Ballroom Favourite


Shoe the Donkey

Sonny Brogans Mazurka / Vincent Campbell’s ‘The Irish’ Mazurka

Set Dances

Saint Patrick’s Day

Piper Through the Meadow Straying

King of the Fairies


The Battle of Aughrim / Napoleon Crossing the Rhine

Slow Airs

For Ireland I’ll Not Tell Her Name

South Wind (air in waltz time)



Skye Boat Song


Eleanor Plunkett

O’Carolan’s Quarrel with the Landlady

Si Beag Si Mor

Fanny Power


Bear Dance

Beltable Waltz

As I Roved Out