Tuition Videos

Full one-hour tuition videos

In these full video lessons (which last almost an hour), I am doing a full tutorial on each tune, which I go through bit-by bit. There is additionally a PDF of the music for each tune for you to download and refer to when going through the lesson.

Here is an introductory video where I talk about the origins of this project, which began at the start of lockdown in March/April 2020:

Featured tune videos

In these short videos, you can learn the featured tunes we have recently played, as well as tunes that have been taught in our Zoom classes. They consist simply of me playing the tune slowly, along with an accompanying PDF of the music.

To help me keep this project going, I’d be very grateful if you could make a donation ❤

Anything you can spare will help me pay for video hosting and also help keep me afloat as a self-employed musician at this difficult time when so many of us have lost work. Suggested amount: £5.00 for each tune that you learn, or whatever you can afford.

NB: if using PayPalplease don’t tick ‘Goods & Services’ where prompted so that I won’t get charged a fee.

If you would prefer to contribute via bank transfer, please contact me privately at and I will send you my details.

Join our virtual face-to-face sessions on Zoom

We are now meeting on Zoom for a slow and steady Irish session every other Monday and and every other Saturday. For details, and to register your interest, go here.


Would you like personalised lessons? I also offer Irish flute and tin whistle tuition using Zoom

If you are interested in individual tuition in real time, I am offering one-to-one tin whistle and flute lessons on Zoom. Find out more at the link, and f you would like to book a lesson get in touch at


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