Online Irish Tunes Class – UPDATE

Hello all, I promise that the first tutorial video is coming. The delay has been caused by massive issues uploading to YouTube. The problem is that the video is a large file, and YouTube just can’t cope with it, especially with the slow upload speeds at the moment with everyone online at the same time.

I’ve now given up on YouTube, and instead am now paying monthly for an account at Vimeo. This makes me all the more grateful for anone who can contribute to my Paypal to help keep the online class going – paying for a subscription is tough on my current depleted budget, so I need to at least cover my costs to keep these videos coming. All donations at Paypal.Me/BevWhelanMusic will be gratefully received <3.

The good news is, it looks like the video is gradually uploading to Vimeo, although it is taking a while. I definitely am optimistic that I’ll be able to post it later this afternnon/evening.

Thanks for your patience! Hopefully once I’ve ironed out all these issues next Monday’s video will appear on time (and hopefully in a less frustrating way at this end).

Keep well and safe, and play lots of music xx

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