ANNOUNCEMENT! The Irish Tunes Class has gone digital!

Good morning all! This is a reminder that today I will posting the first tutorial video and written music for an Irish tune, as part of my Online Irish Tunes Class series. It will appear probably sometime this evening, due to the slow upload speeds at the moment (the introductory video took several hours).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those of you who have already contributed to the production of this series through my Paypal tip jar. I can tell you that it is an enormous help to me. If you would like to contribue also you can do so at: xx

Bev Whelan's Irish Tunes Class and Slow Session

Due to the coronavirus, our Irish tunes class can’t meet at the moment. So as a substitute I am making a series of online videos, where I teach Irish tunes just like I would in our class, so everyone can keep learning and practicing tunes.

You can find full information at this new page on our website: Online Irish Music Class, and here is an introductory video where I talk about the project:

I will post a tutorial video every Monday – starting next Monday, 23rd March –  along with written music, both of which will feature a new Irish tune for everyone to learn. All I ask is, if you like my videos and can afford it, that you will consider putting something in my Paypal tip jar as you learn each tune. That would really help me out at this difficult time, when all my gigs, workshops…

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