URGENT: Class Cancelled (Covid-19 outbreak)

no musicHello all, this is a decision I really didn’t want to make, but our class today/Paddy’s Day event is cancelled, as well as all classes going forward until the coronavirus crisis is past.

My decision has been led by some of our members who have decided to limit their social interactions, as well as my own thoughts about sensible actions that people should be taking to look after themselves and each other at this difficult time. Needless to say, having a buffet lunch did not pass my risk assessment!

I have notified Rob at the Robert Gillow that we will not be meeting there for the foreseeable future, but that we hope to come back once things settle down.

Meanwhile, I will be making further announcements here about a project I am putting together to keep us all making music and learning tunes. This will be happening online, using YouTube videos and also my patent (no-more-deliberate-mistakes) cheat sheets/music notation. More on which to follow.

I wish you all the best. Keep well, stay safe, and carry on playing – don’t let that old ‘failing wind’ stop you!

Bev x

2 thoughts on “URGENT: Class Cancelled (Covid-19 outbreak)

    • Hi Cathy, thanks for that, a hard decision to make but had to be done! I did get your other messages too, thank you. Just been a bit snowed under hence slow response! Keep well and love to Sean xxx


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