Learn to play Irish jigs and reels at a slow and steady pace in a supportive, multi-instrumental ONLINE setting!

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The good old days…

When not in a global pandemic, we meet in the Robert Gillow pub in Lancaster on Monday afternoons between 2.15 – 4.15 pm.

Our meetings are in two parts:

  • THE CLASS! The first hour (2.15 – 3.15 pm) consists of learning a new Irish tune or set of tunes (there is a £5.00 charge for participants). Tuition is ‘by ear’, although there are resources (‘cheat sheets’, written music and recordings) available to support this (see the Resources page on this website).

Followed by:

  • THE SESSION! The second hour (3.15 – 4.15pm) is a session, when we play Irish tunes together at a slow and steady pace. This part is free of charge, and other musicians who have not attended the class are invited to join us – listeners are also welcome! Sometimes, when we have a special event (such as St Patrick’s Day) or if we are simply having a really good time, we extend the session by an hour or two.

Participants in both the class and the session may play any instrument (within reason), but instruments normally found in Irish traditional sessions are more appropriate. Currently we have a nice mix of fiddles, flute, whistles, concertinas, accordion and harp.

Participants will need to have a reasonable level of ability (at least intermediate) on their chosen instrument, as the emphasis is on learning and playing tunes rather than basic technique.

Backing musicians (guitarists etc) with a reasonable understanding of chordal accompaniment for Irish music may join in with the session, but please note that no specific guidance can be given about backing as the class is primarily focused on learning and playing melodies. Guitarists and other backing musicians are advised to look at the many resources on YouTube for guidance on backing Irish traditional music.